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AP Lingofy

AP Lingofy proofs the content you create in web browsers, flagging spelling and style issues while acting as your “second set of eyes” on deadline. AP Lingofy can be customized to fix local spelling and style issues, too, and to override any AP style rules that don’t apply to your copy. For details on how Lingofy can improve your content, visit our Knowledge Base.

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AP Lingofy installs as a browser extension in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The Lingofy proofing button appears in your browser’s tool bar so you can check copy for local or AP style issues while using online writing platforms such as WordPress, Blogger or ConstantContact.

What sets Lingofy apart from traditional spell-checkers is that it parses text in phrases, applying advanced algorithms that produce precise, customizable results when proofing for spelling, AP style, local style and usage. You can ensure multi-word phrases, proper nouns and unique spellings are consistent in all your copy.

When you click on the Lingofy proofing button in your browser, you will see a menu of proofing and account options. Selecting the “AP and Webster’s” proofer will check your text against the latest AP Stylebook entries, Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fifth Edition, and any custom entries you’ve created to manage terms specific to a client, region or project. All of the source and definition information will be displayed to provide context and guidance as you proof.

The longer you use Lingofy, the more the system can learn about your unique writing style and the better the software gets at spotting errors and suggesting corrections. And by adding or importing your own custom entries in the Lingofy Manager, you can speed up that process to get the proofing results you need.


AP Lingofy features include:

  • Flag spelling, usage and AP style errors and accept, reject or alter Lingofy’s suggested fixes.
  • Checks content in phrases not individual words, which allows Lingofy to know it should change “Bombay” to “Mumbai,” but leave “Bombay gin” alone.
  • Create, edit, share and import custom style entries to manage regional terms (“firefly” or “lightning bug”), local proper nouns (“E.P. ‘Tom’ Sawyer State Park”) or common typos and frequent misspellings (“mispellings”).
  • Set certain words or phrases as warnings to remind writers and editors to double-check context, avoid cliches or vulgarities, or spike them outside of direct quotes: “pubic” is appropriate in medical copy but probably not in a story about local government.
  • Access to multiple published dictionaries and references, including guides developed by The Financial Times, The Canadian Press and more.
  • Plain Language (PL) guidance designed to clarify and streamline your message. Lingofy will help sharpen your message and also offers usage and synonym tips.
  • Multiple workflow options that allow you to share custom entries with other Lingofy users, setting permissions and proofing guidelines to match your needs.
  • Built-in Check Text feature for testing new entries or proofing copy written offline.
  • Proofing statistics: Track which words are flagged most, past proofing sessions and more.

AP Lingofy is a revolutionary new solution built on mature technology. The engine that powers Lingofy has been used for more than 20 years in enterprise publishing environments. Lingofy marks the debut of this technology for individual users.

Lingofy Requirements for PC

  • Internet connection
  • Microsoft Windows XP or later
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox version 21 or later

Lingofy Requirements for Mac

  • Internet connection
  • Mac OSX 10.7 or greater
  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome version 24 or later
  • Mozilla Firefox version 21 or later

The Lingofy Manager, where you can build and share entries or mix and match references and guides, can be accessed from mobile devices, laptops and desktops.

Product FAQ

To search more frequently asked questions (and answers), visit Lingofy’s Knowledge Base.


AP Lingofy technical support

Are you having problems with installing or using Lingofy? Please use the form below to submit your issue so we can best diagnose your problem. One of our customer support specialists will respond during regular business hours in the Eastern time zone.
You may want to check Lingofy’s Knowledge Base to search for an answer first.

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